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Polyform FlowSafe plastic cable-, hose-, pipeline floats are very flexible and very robust. This small diameter plastic cable float can be used in many ways in your work. The floats are available with a buoyancy of 17, 15 or 22 Kg.

This float is cut open in the longitudinal direction, so that it can be laid around the pipeline or cable. This pipeline, tube, cable floater is fixed with stainless steel ty-raps (not with intervention). These three ty-raps fall into a guided gutter so that they cannot easily be damaged or get caught on something. Made from Ethylene vinyl acetate foam and is very resilient, light, strong and shock-absorbent and has a 100% waterproof cell structure!

kabel met drijvers

These special floats are available for various hose sizes.









Saeplast Bacell vaste kunststof foam kabeldrijver



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