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Plastic pipe float series A, inner diameter 200 to 250 mm


The plastic PE pipe float from DFS can be used for pipes, tubes, etc. For use on pipes and tubes with a diameter of 200 mm up to and including 250 mm. These DFS plastic PE pipe floats are very flexible and very robust and you can use these plastic pipe floats in many ways within your work.

The tension-free fusion of polyethylene in a 3-dimensional rotating movement results in high-quality, hollow and very strong plastic products. This also makes the products stress-free. One of the questions we received was to develop a new floater that could meet the new, higher requirements of the dredging industry. Using the most modern 3D design techniques and, among other things, the use of finite element calculations in combination with various material studies, Dutch Floating Systems has developed a new series of floats for the dredging industry in recent years. The use of new materials in combination with the many years of experience of the most famous dredging companies has led to the following new models, each developed for a specific application. With these "high-tech" series, we think we can deliver a serious improvement on the existing package of floats.

The A series is especially for use in inland water for pipes and pipes with a diameter of 200 to 250 mm. Because of the sloping side, this floater does not catch on obstacles. The slots on the outside are suitable for use with straps. There is a recess in the inside that positions the floater on any ribs that may be formed on the hose. Thanks to the outer diameter of 550 mm and the 800 mm length, the buoyancy remains at the required level.

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Type   I/D
Drijfvermogen (kg)
A200-550-800   200 550 800 20 140
op aanvraag
A220-550-800   220 550 800 20 136
op aanvraag
A234-550-800   234 550 800 20 132
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A250-550-800   250 550 800 20 126
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I / D = inside diameter O / D = outside diameter


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