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Desmi DOP vertical screw oil pump for heavy oil, water, contaminated sludge



DESMI DOP-160 heavy duty pump 30 m3/hour

The DESMI DOP-160 pump is a strong positive displacement pump, making it ideal for oil spill applications. It is capable of pumping a wide range of liquids, even if it contains heavy contamination.


DESMI DOP-200 & DOP DUAL 200 heavy duty pump 58 - 66 m3/hour

The DESMI DOP-200 can move mixtures of oil, oil and water or plain water. When pumping oil and water mixtures, the fluid displacement of the design ensures that the oil is not emulsified.


DESMI DOP-250 & DOP-DUAL 250 Heavy duty pump 100 - 125 m3/hour

The well-known DESMI DOP-250 is a very versatile portable heavy-duty vertical screw pump that can be used in a wide range of applications, such as emergency pump, loading pump or fire fighting pump. Only DESMI pumps pump a wide range of liquids from water to highly viscous sludge - as well as contaminated waste.


The above descriptions apply to all DESMI DOP pumps.


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