Over Dutch Floating Systems

Dutch Floating Systems is specialized in the supply of oil containment booms, oilskimmers, silt curtains/screens and pipe/cable floats. Oil containment booms and oilskimmers are used to prevent further damage to the water environment during clean-up operations. Silt curtains/screens are used during dredging or landreclamation projects to prevent spreading of particles to other areas. Pipe/cable floats are widely used for beach pull-in projects of offshore wind mill cables .

During the last 25 years (before under the company name Oil Control Systems) we have realized many projects around the world.

Dutch Floating Systems delivers products from our suppliers :

Twin Boom Desmi Ro-Clean Elastec

Many products are available from stock - For quality, service and a free advise : call us +31(0)174-281275.


With kind regards, André van der Mout

General Manager