Silt Screen systems from Dutch Floating Systems protect the environment and ensure that your work is carried out in accordance with the requested requirements. Silt screens are becoming increasingly important during dredging work and environmental requirements are being tightened all over the world .

For instance, the use of silt screens is increasingly demanded during dredging and other water activities. Our silt screens provide the necessary protection during this work under most diverse circumstances.

Our silt screens are produced from high-quality materials, which guarantees a long service life. The sludge screens are designed to be mutually connectable. This allows you to obtain any desired length.


Te request:

  • Because every project and situation on site is different, we kindly ask you to give us as much information as possible so that we can offer you the best solution.




Silt screen Systems:


  • During general dredging work and / or port activities, we are often confronted with a contaminated river- or seabed, resulting in the movement of large quantities of polluted water.
  • Our “Silt Screen Systems” can contribute to minimizing the spread of contaminated substances.
  • The “Silt Screen Systems” developed by DFS can be applied in ports, protected water and in other environments where there is a low flow rate.
  • For more demanding situations, we can install various reinforcements in the system and offer a tailor-made solution for you.


Various types of floating parts available:

slibscherm gif

  • Our systems make it possible to use various types of floating parts - depending on the best recommended solution :


  • Foam filled
  • Air-filled
  • Plastic drums


  • The screen part is often based on a PVC / PP textile cloth with the correct water permeability and strength.


Reinforcement straps:


DSCF4988 (Small)

  • Depending on the size of the floating part, the length and depth of the system, the local flow velocity, wind etc. we can apply tires in a range of 2 to 50 Tons.




  • A short-chain chain is mounted at the bottom of the apron section as standard. In deep systems, multiple ballast chains are applied at different depths.




  • Anchor connections are fitted to the top band below the float, if necessary.


A number of countries where our quality silt screens are used:


 Voorbij_Funderingstechniek_Silt_Screen_Nord_stream_2 Noorwegen_slibscherm_b
 oil-boom-fcb-spanje  DSCF3398_resize
 Silt_Screen_Stockholm_IMG_0323_resize  Silt_Screen_Stockholm_IMG_0319_resize
 Voorbij_Funderingstechniek_Silt_Screen_Nord_stream_4  Voorbij_Funderingstechniek_Silt_Screen_Nord_stream_3
Frankrijk_slibscherm_2_5_mtr__PP FCB30+3.5_mtr._PP_doek_UGS_UK_1_resize 
Stockholm_25-05-09-28-05-09_204 silt_curtain_graphic_1_dfs

Netherlands - Belgium - Germany- England - France - Spain - Sweden - Kuwait - Schotland - Singapore - Norway - Denmark -Saoudi Arabie - Malta - Etc.

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