The Twin Boom inflatable floats can be used for floating of cables, hoses and pipes.

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We have different types of inflatable Twin Boom drivers so that in every situation we can offer you a suitable solution, optimum ease of use and maximum buoyancy. The air-filled Twin Boom are made of durable reinforced PVC material and are well resistant to the effects of the sun, sea and oil. They are easy to handle, can be reused and take up little storage space.

Optional are: company print on the Twin Boom, mounting straps on the Twin Boom, other sizes on request and we also supply a Single Booms.

For original Twin Boom floaters you have to go to Dutch Floating Systems, so watch out for poorer quality copycats. Only here you will find the original Twin Boom floaters with warranty certificate, production control and more than 20 years of development and practical experience in our Twin Booms .

Our advantages for you:

  • 1e class PVC, reinforced, airtight fabric
  • 1e class topquality Monsun air valves from Europe
  • 1e class mounting eyes from Europe
  • 1e class production quality from the Netherlands
  • 1e class advice through years of demonstrable experience


Met lucht gevulde Twin Boom drijvers voor slangen        Met lucht gevulde Twin Boom drijvers voor pijpen

Our Twin Booms have been used successfully in the projects below:

  • NorNed cable Installation project
  • Northwind windfarm cable Installation project
  • Troll A gas platform cable Installation project
  • Lincs offshore windfarm cable Installation project
  • Korea 154kV Power cable Installation project
  • Halul cable Installation project
  • Nordbalt cable Installation project
  • Burbo Bank UK cable Installation project
  • Ras Laffan Qatar cable Installation project



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NorNed   NorNed - twin boom 600
  NorNed - twin boom 600 - uitleggen

Above pictures of the 'NorNed' project. Laying an electricity cable from the Northern Netherlands to Norway. Our Twin-Boom 600 is used to make the cable (weight approx. 100 kg / meter) floating from a ship to shore in shallow water. Twin Boom float


20150608 op zee  installatieschip   drijver met minimax 
drijver proef  op het droge   klaar voor overboord 
aan boord  view from the cable vessle tideway pr
troll hvdc cablelay uitgevoerd op zee R_L to H project

We also supply various types of air blowers, as indicated below.


Twin Boom - air blowers:

type Capacity Including
hose set
gasoline High yes on request
Diesel High yes on request
Electric High yes on request


blower 2T backpack + frame version 2  blower 230V  blower 380V 
blower SD4 diesel driven     

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